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Vicente Eduardo Abril


Vicente Eduardo Abril, 58, of  Bisbee, Arizona, died in a bicycle/auto accident on June 22, 2020.

He was born at Cochise Regional Hospital in Douglas, Arizona on January 13, 1962.  He grew up in old Bisbee bicycling around the CourtHouse where his Ma could supervise from her kitchen window. Vicente graduated from Bisbee High School and received a Bachelor of Arts in Education from UofA in 2001. He married “killer” Carolyn Harris in October, 2014. A moniker he gave her because she was the most “killer” girlfriend he ever had.

For Senior Ditch Day, instead of swimming at the Golden Bell in St David, he and his best friend John Acosta, drove to Playas, NM to apply for work at the PD smelter. He was a hot metal man for twenty years before he returned to work with his father at Showcase Furniture in Sierra Vista.  He also worked for Cochise College while putting himself through school. 

He initially taught math at Ray Borane Middle School before settling in to teach World History at Douglas High School.  He loved teaching and hanging out with his high schoolers.

Vicente was past President of the Douglas Education Association. Every year that his team negotiated contracts, teachers got raises.  In his capacity as a teacher’s union leader, he was a staunch advocate for his peers. He served on the Naco School Board from 2007 to 2010.  More recently, he found his passion in radio. He loved creating his “Vicentemilwatts” show on KBRP and DJing every Saturday morning.

Vicente is survived by his wife Carolyn. Married only 6 years but happily together for 20. His siblings include sisters Margaret Webb & Cathy Adams, brothers Jorge & Manuel Abril and Chris Vaughn. He was greatly loved by all of his nieces, nephews, and extended family on both sides. He was preceded in death by his parents Manuel and Ana Abril. 

Working on his health, Vicente died happy, doing what he loved to do.  His smiling, whistling self would want you to be healthy and happy too.  And as he would broadcast every week from his show, please vote Blue in November & the brown children in cages STILL need to be set free... 

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