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Ramona Delhaye

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Some knew her as Mona. We knew her as Mom and Grandma. All of us knew her as a great friend and wonderful mother and Grandmother.  Ramona Elizabeth Delhaye was a vibrant soul full of life and energy. Mona was warm and light-hearted and had the most wonderful sense of humor. She would find some humor in just about any situation. But most notable about Ramona was her beaming, infectious smile. Her smile was an unforgettable delight and every time she displayed that smile, you somehow knew everything was going to be alright no matter what it was you were going through.

Mona was a passionate worker in her profession as a behavioral specialist. Working for decades to assist the mentally ill not only came naturally to Mona but because of her selflessness and unassuming character she was not only able to make a successful career but did what she loved and that was to help people.

Mona was an avid reader for as long as we can remember, and she loved literature of all kinds. She also was an avid sports fan and especially loved her Diamondbacks and Dallas Cowboys. She enjoyed entertainment that kept her learning and enlightening her like the History Channel and the Discovery Channel.

An indelible part of her legacy was her four children, Bill, Rich, Alex and Andrea. It was no easy task to raise three rambunctious boys and a little angel of a daughter, but she took it all in stride. Mom handled us with care but wasn’t lax on her discipline, some of which, looking back at it, was a little painful and was always needed to keep us on the straight path. She also cherished her grandchildren and later in her life her great grandchildren.


Mona also had a circle of special friends throughout her life and if you were a friend of hers you had a trusted and loyal friend indeed.

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