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Death Notices

Emilio Andres Smith    

June 26,2017- January 8,2020

Service times pending





 Larry Eugene Mead     

December 12, 1936- October 15,2019

     Louise Roberta Kelley 

  September 5,1944-October 16,2019

   Charly Dennis Mitchell

    April 25,1962-October 13,2019

 Francisca Quezada Banuelos

     July 13,1951- October 12,2019


       Herminia Conary

     April 25,1928-October 4,2019

   Stephen Edward Ewing

  August 10,1953-September 14,2019

   Enrique Munoz Orona

 October 20,1974-September 12,2019

Bernardo Ramirez-Ramirez

 September 1,1995-September 7,2019

Francisco Coronado Villasenor

     July 18,1936-September 3,2019

    Delores Lobdell

March 6,1926- August 31,2019

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